5G / Small Cell Construction & Upgrades Case Study

Statement of Work: Client required a Service Provider that can multitask the deployment of 100’s of light pole with 5G small cells in multiple dense urban environments.

Requirements includes:

  • Acquire materials, assemble light pole /
    5G antenna in Contractor- owned
  • Coordinate with jurisdictions, inspectors,
    traffic control, heavy equipment
    transport, distribution, sidewalk
  • Place pole location, extend Fiber, pour
    footing, place light pole, connect
    network/ power, commission site.

TriStruX Solution

TriStux has spent decades perfecting project management.  TriStrux maintains the use traditional tools like work in process reports (WIP), e-mails, texts and phone calls and the Operations and Project Management teams use Sitetracker to maintain project control, the project budget and on-going immediate project status.

A strong example of Tristrux’s abilities around pre-building light poles with 5G small cell service is our Philadelphia based Mid Atlantic operation. This facility has been responsible for building and installing hundreds of custom built light / 5G poles since 3Q 2019.     The 30,0000 sq ft facility has office space for Tristrux and Client personnel, robust racked storage space for Tristrux and Client owned materials, a fenced yard for heavy equipment (currently also storing client owned COWs/ Generators for prompt deployment at an emergency in the Philadelphia area) and a dedicated assembly area to custom build the poles for each location and store until they can be placed on site.

Tristrux does not stop at building and placing poles. Tristrux has the ability to complete a robust SOW, including:

  • Fiber lateral construction. In the above picture, the SOW includes extending underground fiber from the wood pole across the street in the background to the pole positioned in the foreground.  That pole in the foreground will be replaced with a new light / 5G enabled custom pole.
  • Extend power using Tristrux licensed electricians
  • Commission the site with the OEM and the client’s operations center.

(Click here for a pdf of this case study)