Power Upgrade Case Study

Statement of Work: As part of a significant 4G to 5G upgrade of cell sites across major markets across the US, many cell sites required a Power Upgrade to ensure consistent performance post upgrade.

For each site, along with installing the radio and antenna upgrades, the site required:

  • Limited scheduled outage of the site during installation process of the new PCU.
  • Installation of new conduit and copper conductors for the indoor or outdoor new cabinet.
  • Replace existing battery string with new battery string, per design and in compliance with all Federal and State regulations and requirements.

TriStruX Solution:

TriStruX offers a vast range of experienced and licensed electrical technicians with knowledge and experience in all types of cell site electrical upgrades.

Power conversion Prep:  As illustrated in an actual site photo (right), TriStruX installs a temporary PCU, rewires the site through the existing PPC to ensure power to the site is maintained with minimal down time. Once that is complete, our experienced electricians continue and complete the power upgrade,

Installation:   PMs coordinate to extend/upgrade increased electrical service to the site.  Operations Managers coordinate experienced crew installation of the upgraded AC Panel or DC Power plant per site design.  With careful adherence to proper battery removal and disposal procedures, Tristrux employees upgrade the battery string.  Upon inspection and approval TriStruX Employees will confirm the site is ready to be cut back over to perm power from the PPC. TriStruX will perform on site testing to confirm the AC and DC voltage is working properly.  All permits will be closed with inspections with the AHJ.

7/24/365 Maintenance:  Operational process refined over years of providing on-call and preventative maintenance ensures robust emergency response in the event of an outage.

(Click here for a pdf of this case study)